10 Appetizer Recipes Perfect for Game Night

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Whether you’re hosting a game night or having the gang over to watch the Monday night game, consider these crowd-pleasing appetizer recipes for the win! They’re full of flavor, easy to make and packed with enough healthy stuff to keep your diet on track.

Here are 10 flavor-bursting appetizer recipes you have to try:

1. Loaded Potato Skins

10 Appetizer Recipes That Won’t Destroy Your Diet

The ultimate game-changer of all appetizer recipes: With melted shreds of cheese, diced tomatoes, a fresh dollop of sour cream and pinch of chives, there’s a whole lot of deliciousness packed into each scooped-out spud. And forget the bacon bits—the skin provides plenty of crunch to satisfy and enough fiber and nutrients to fill you up (not out). Grab one before serving—these are sure to go quick! Click here to get the recipe! >

2. Roast Beef Bites

10 Appetizer Recipes That Won’t Destroy Your Diet

It’s got all the flavors you’d expect in a roast beef sandwich—down to the mayo, horseradish and hearty pumpernickel bread. But this beautiful, open-faced version is sized-right for a party and portioned perfectly for your diet. Plus, that juicy slice of lean beef is packed with lots of protein for long-lasting energy—so you can hoot and holler to final touchdown! Click here to get the recipe! >

3. BBQ Chicken Nachos

Nutrisystem BBQ Seasoned Chicken Nachos

There is not one ounce of guilt to be found in these heaping plate of goodness: The nacho chips are made from baked whole wheat tortillas, the peppers and onions provide extra vitamins and minerals, even the cheese is fat-free. And that sweet and tangy barbecue chicken with smoky bacon and savory flavor layered on top? It’s actually the Nutrisystem BBQ Seasoned Chicken entrée—a dish that contains only 150 calories. Finish it off with fresh cilantro for party-perfect noshing. Click here to get the recipe! >

4. Spinach Dip

10 Appetizer Recipes That Won’t Destroy Your Diet

Normally the super healthy spinach greens are drowned in a vat of fat-filled cream cheese or sour cream and mayo. This one, however, uses fat-free Greek yogurt as the creamy base and includes pine nuts, garlic, scallion and dill for extra flavor. Feel free serve it in a bread bowl for a tradition’s sake, but offer baby carrots, celery sticks or cucumber rounds as a healthier picker-upper. Click here to get the recipe! >

5. Buffalo Chicken Sliders

10 Appetizer Recipes That Won’t Destroy Your Diet

Need heartier appetizer recipes for your party crew? These spicy sliders are the right pick. Each whole wheat bun holds a hunk of shredded chicken bathed in hot buffalo sauce and a few leaves of crunchy fresh lettuce—and you can enjoy two for only 238 calories. Let’s call this one a win/win! Click here to get the recipe! >

6. 7-Layer Southwest Dip

10 Appetizer Recipes That Won’t Destroy Your Diet

Not only is the presentation impressive with its seven distinct layers, but this stacked dip offers a wide range of nourishment with its fiber, protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Beans mashed in Greek yogurt and seasoned with cumin and chili powder secure the base; followed by avocado, more yogurt, salsa, cheese, tomatoes and onions. Get out your glass bowls: This dip deserves to be seen before eaten. Click here to get the recipe! >

7. Sweet Potato Chips

10 Appetizer Recipes That Won’t Destroy Your Diet

The trick to getting these healthy versions as crunchy as the salty standards in the supermarket: Slice the sweet potatoes as thin as possible. That way they crisp up when baking and you and your guests can snack to your hearts content. Learn how to make other veggie chips, too—like parmesan zucchini versions or even beet chips! Click here to get the recipes! >

8. Shrimp Taco Bites

10 Appetizer Recipes That Won’t Destroy Your Diet

Don’t let their appetizer size fool you: They may be small, they may be cute, but each mini taco packs a powerful punch. The spicy chili-flavored shrimp, fresh pico de gallo and creamy avocado make for the perfect trip of flavor nestled in crunchy whole-wheat tortilla cup. You won’t be able to have just one. Click here to get the recipe! >

9. Not So Devilish Deviled Eggs

deviled eggs

These party staples are less sinful because they’re made with Greek yogurt instead of mayo—which means much less fat and a lot more protein. But you still get the Dijon mustard and sprinkle of paprika for that heavenly taste you love. They save well in the fridge so you can enjoy as a snack throughout the week (that is, of course, if you actually have any left over).  Click here to get the recipe! >

10. Cheesy Chicken Quesadillas

Quesadilla with chicken and sauces

Who doesn’t love a quesadilla? Especially when it’s oozing with melted cheddar, chunks of chicken, red bell peppers and onions. Top this classic with salsa and sour cream, slice into triangles and serve! Click here to get the recipe! >

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