Printable Recipe Book: Healthy Ice Cream Recipes You’ll Melt Over

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We don’t mean to burst your bubble, ice cream lovers, but the amount of calories, fat and sugar in a scoop of the sweet frozen stuff could really make you scream. That’s right: One cup of plain vanilla ice cream can clock in at 273 calories, 15 grams of fat and 28 grams of sugar. And that’s just vanilla!

Fortunately, here at Nutrisystem, we know that depriving yourself of your favorite foods can actually backfire, so we’ve got you covered with some super simple, delicious “Nice Cream” recipes.

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When ice cream is nothing to fear, we call it “nice cream.” It’s a guilt-free, easy-to-make ice cream treat that is as diet-friendly as it is refreshing. Nice cream combines nutrient-dense frozen fruit with low-fat liquids to provide a sweet and nutritious treat that will cool you off in a pinch. Ice cream cravings are no longer something to be feared.

Check out this round-up of nine diet-friendly ice cream recipes that will keep your taste buds singing and your belly shrinking!

Note: If you’re a sorbet seeker, enjoy these sweet treats right out of the blender. Like your ice cream on the firmer side? Pour the mixture into a glass container and pop it in the freezer for an hour or so. Use an ice cream scooper to serve.

1. Banana Split Nice Cream

Forget diet friendly, this dessert is dinner party worthy! Strawberries, chocolate, peanuts and banana combine for a flavor blast of sweet and savory. Bananas, vanilla extract and nonfat Greek yogurt make up the base of this creamy dish. Nonfat Greek yogurt is protein-rich and delivers a nonfat serving of your recommended daily dairy intake. Add the sweet and eye catching strawberry sauce for some extra vitamin C. Peanuts and chocolate chips are the perfect crunchy topping.

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2. Cake Batter Nice Cream
cake batter

Birthday cake temptations, beware: There’s a new treat in town that won’t sabotage your weight loss. Using almond milk makes this recipe lower in fat. Belly busting bananas provide a dense base that may help you feel fuller. A serving of Vanilla Nutrisystem Shake Mix balances out the recipe to ensure you’re eating a creamy, dreamy treat full of protein to keep you satisfied.

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3. Sweet Potato Pie Nice Cream

sweet potato

Enjoy the flavors of fall with the excitement of summer! A delicious desert with all the southern charm, Sweet Potato Pie Nice Cream sounds (and tastes!) like it belongs in a gourmet ice cream shop. But you can make it right in your kitchen. Using low fat dairy free almond milk and bananas creates a winning weight loss recipe of high fiber and low calories. Sweet potato creates a diet-friendly “Nice Cream” full of vitamin A, C and B6.

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4. Mint Chocolate Chip Nice Cream
mint nice cream

It is amazing what a blender can do for your weight loss journey. Creating your favorite summertime treat is easy! And making it diet-friendly is even easier. Using fiber-rich, belly busting bananas, spinach rich in iron and calcium, low-fat almond milk and a few mini chocolate chips, you can enjoy a delicious treat without compromising your weight loss dreams.

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5. Salted Caramel Nice Cream
salted caramel ice cream

The salty sweet combination can be a craving that is hard to tackle in a healthy way. Not anymore! Creating an ice cream that is low in fat and high in fiber right in your kitchen is possible. Using low-fat almond milk, potassium-rich bananas and protein-rich Greek yogurt, you’ll be eating a well-balanced snack. Sugar-free caramel sauce and a pinch of sea salt is all you need to satisfy that salty sweet craving.

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6. Blueberry Almond Nice Cream

diet ice cream

You don’t need heavy fat-loaded dairy to create perfect ice cream recipes. Banana and almond milk are a match made in heaven! They create the perfect low-fat, nutrient-dense base that delivers loads of creamy flavor. Frozen blueberries and slivered almonds boost the nutrition of this snack by providing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. This recipe takes all the guilt out of your summertime favorite ice cream.

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7. Skinny Pumpkin Ice Cream

Pumpkin is a fall flavor that is craved all year round. Make up a batch of this Skinny Pumpkin Ice Cream and have it in your freezer ready for you when cravings strike. Bananas are the perfect base, providing potassium, B6, vitamin C and fiber. The fiber found in bananas may help moderate blood sugar and reduce appetite… perfect for your weight loss goals. Pumpkin puree is also rich in potassium and fiber helping you reach your recommended daily intake. Sugar-free maple syrup and pumpkin spice give this ice cream recipe the sweetness and spice it needs.

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8. Caramel Toffee Crunch Ice Cream
caramel toffee

Nothing screams indulgence like the decadent combo of caramel and toffee. And somehow, our recipe developers have figured out how to capture all the flavor of this delicious duo, and all the creaminess of everyone’s favorite sweet treat, without packing in a ton of sugar and calories. Featuring just four simple ingredients, bananas, almond milk, sugar-free caramel sauce and your Nutrisystem Toffee Crunch Cookies, this rich and creamy treat is as easy to make as it is to eat.

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9. 3-Ingredient Mango Sorbet
Mango Sorbet

Mangoes have always been one of our absolute favorite fruits. They’re packed with vitamin C, plus they’ve got fiber and beta-carotene (a precursor to vitamin A), too. But this recipe, made from frozen mango chunks, pineapple juice and almond milk, takes our appreciation for mouthwatering mango to a whole new level. Sweet, fruity and creamy, this sorbet is everything you want out of a warm weather treat.

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