#VeggieSexy Video: How to Prepare Spinach

Article posted in: Recipes Experts’ Corner

Of all the dark leafy greens, we like to cook spinach because of its versatility, bright taste and nutritional superpowers. Watch as Nutrisystem registered dietitian, Mandi Knowles, shows you how to prepare and cook spinach as an ideal side dish for and delicious dinner recipe.

Dark, leafy greens are unlimited on Nutrisystem. This means that you can enjoy as much of them as you’d like on your weight loss menu. From kale and collards to arugula and romaine, you can create salads and side dishes that feature these nutritious ingredients. They are a great way to add some satisfying fiber to any meal or snack that you’re making. Check out these other tasty and healthy recipes featuring these lean, green veggies:

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