20 Healthy Cranberry Recipes to Try This Season

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Freshly baked homemade cookies with cranberries

Cranberries can be so much more than just a seasonal side dish. Their tart flavor and ruby red color fit into many kinds of recipes, from appetizers to the main course to dessert. Cranberries also are potent little packets of nutrients that may help prevent cavities, improve your heart health, and even lower your risk of cancer.

To help you put the power of cranberries to work for you, we’ve compiled this list of our favorite ways to enjoy them while you’re losing weight on your Nutrisystem plan. These healthy cranberry recipes include everyday favorites and special occasion dishes. We even have delicious and healthy ideas for your holiday meal leftovers. You’re sure to find a few cranberry recipes that you’ll want to make at any time of the year.

1. Whole Wheat Cranberry Orange Bread >

Whole Wheat Cranberry Orange Bread

What tastes like cake but is healthy enough for your weight loss breakfast or afternoon snack? This Whole Wheat Cranberry Orange Bread is made with sweet flavorings like applesauce, oranges, vanilla extract and dried cranberries. However, it fills you up with high-fiber whole wheat flour. Each loaf makes 12 servings, so you can slice it up and freeze the extras to pull out whenever you want a tasty partner for coffee or tea.

2. Air Fryer Cranberry Pecan Pie >

Air Fryer Cranberry Pecan Pie

With an air fryer, you can serve a perfect pie to your holiday guests that’s loaded with flavor and low in calories. The crust of this Air Fryer Cranberry Pecan Pie is made with oat and almond flours, cinnamon, brown sugar and unsweetened applesauce. The air fryer crisps and browns the crust while you whip up the rich filling. It features eggs, butter, chopped pecans and cranberries. The whole pie comes together in about a half hour, so you have plenty of time to mingle and enjoy the day.

3. Chocolate Cranberry Zucchini Bars >

Chocolate Cranberry Zucchini Bars

You don’t have to be a fan of zucchini bread to love these filling and chewy Chocolate Cranberry Zucchini Bars. They have all the fiber and nutrients you get from the classic bread, but we’ve added chocolate chips, super-sweet dates, real maple syrup, creamy almond butter and tart cranberries to raise the flavor to the next level. These bars are made with oats and no flour, so people who avoid gluten can enjoy them, too.

4. Slow Cooker Cranberry Applesauce >

Slow Cooker Cranberry Applesauce

After trying this fresh take on the favorite seasonal side dish, you and your family may never settle for ordinary jars of applesauce again. In this Slow Cooker Cranberry Applesauce, the familiar apple flavor is enhanced with spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and ground cloves, along with tart lemon and fresh cranberries. All you do is simmer the ingredients together on the stove or in a crockpot until they’ve blended into warm and tasty sauce with a brilliant red color. If your gang prefers smoother applesauce, you can puree it in a blender.

5. Cranberry Brie Baguette Bites >

Cranberry Brie Baguette Bites

This simple but sophisticated appetizer will impress your holiday guests, but it also makes a satisfying snack you can enjoy anytime. You take toasted slices of whole wheat baguette (a kind of long and narrow French bread) and spread creamy brie cheese on them. After melting the cheese, you top each one with a flavorful blend of cranberries, honey, orange zest, and basil. The Cranberry Brie Baguette Bites recipe makes 12 servings, but you can easily double or triple it for bigger crowds.

6. No-Bake Cranberry Cheesecake Parfait >

No-Bake Cranberry Cheesecake Parfait

No-Bake Cranberry Cheesecake Parfait sounds like an indulgent dessert, but you can treat yourself to this version any day and stay on track to your weight loss goal. The cheesecake layer starts with light cream cheese and whipped topping, so it has a smooth and creamy texture. Layers of crumbled graham crackers provide crunch and a hint of sweetness. On top is a fresh cranberry sauce that is sweet, tart and a little zesty. This is so easy to make you can bring it to a party or share it with your family.

7. Warm Brussels Sprouts Cranberry Salad >

Warm Brussels Sprouts Cranberry Salad

Fresh Brussels sprouts are super-nutritious and they are abundant in fall and winter. In this enticing Warm Brussels Sprouts Cranberry Salad side dish, the leaves are shaved and lightly sautéed, then tossed with a sweet and zingy honey dressing. Mix in cranberries and pecans and serve warm. Don’t be surprised if your family asks for this veggie dish again and again.

8. Baked Cranberry Orange Oatmeal Muffins >

Baked Cranberry Orange Oatmeal Muffins

Best thing about oatmeal: It’s so filling you stay energized all morning. Most disappointing thing about oatmeal: It’s hard to eat when you’re on the go. Solution: These easy-to-make Baked Cranberry Orange Oatmeal Muffins. They are loaded with flavor from cinnamon, vanilla, orange zest and cranberries. A mashed banana adds sweetness and an extra boost of fuel for your busy day.

9. Crustless Cranberry Pie >

Crustless Cranberry Pie

Pie makes any occasion special. And with this Crustless Cranberry Pie recipe, you can enjoy it while you’re losing weight. Even better, there’s no need to pre-bake a crust for this pie. You just mix all the ingredients, including whole wheat pastry flour, Greek yogurt, eggs, cranberries, almonds and natural sweetener. Spread the mixture into a pie pan and bake for about 35 minutes. Serve warm and enjoy all the smiles around the table.

10. 4-Ingredient Chocolate Almond Trail Mix >

4-Ingredient Chocolate Almond Trail Mix

You can save money and steer clear of unhealthy ingredients when you make your own Chocolate Almond Trail Mix. It has just four basic components: protein-rich almonds, sweet raisins, tart dried cranberries and semi-sweet chocolate chips. Every handful satisfies your cravings and keeps hunger at bay until your next meal.

11. Cranberry Turkey Stuffed Sweet Potato >

Cranberry Turkey Stuffed Sweet Potato

If you have holiday meal leftovers or just want a quick lunch that’s as delicious as it is nutritious, try this easy Cranberry Turkey Stuffed Sweet Potato recipe. It starts with a sweet potato, one of our favorite high-fiber SmartCarbs. After cooking it in the microwave for about five minutes, you cut it in half, mash up the flesh, then pile on shredded turkey breast and cranberry sauce. Plus, you’ll add some goat cheese for creaminess and sautéed spinach for extra vitamins and minerals. You get rich flavor and complementary textures in every forkful.

12. Slow Cooker Apple Cranberry Crumble >

Slow Cooker Apple Cranberry Crumble

This season, you can fill your home with the warm aromas of baking while you relax and wait for this Slow Cooker Apple Cranberry Crumble dessert. This classic dish features fresh Granny Smith apples, along with cranberries, cinnamon and maple syrup, so it’s certain to satisfy your sweet tooth. It all goes into the slow cooker along with rolled oats and whole wheat flour, and it comes out hot, gooey and irresistible.

13. Air Fryer Creme Fraiche and Fruit Sweet Potato Crostini >

Air Fryer Creme Fraiche and Fruit Sweet Potato Crostini

Impress your guests with an elegant appetizer or make snack time just a little bit fancier. Sliced sweet potatoes are crisped in the air fryer so they can serve as the base for the toppings. Each slice gets a dollop of crème fraiche, along with crunchy almonds, dried cranberries and sweet figs. Set out a tray of these Air Fryer Creme Fraiche and Fruit Sweet Potato Crostini at any gathering and watch them disappear.

14. Pumpkin Cranberry Crackers >

Pumpkin Cranberry Crackers

Making your own crackers sounds hard but it’s so easy with this recipe. It showcases two of the season’s most popular flavors, pumpkin and cranberry. They’re mixed with only three other ingredients—whole wheat flour, coconut oil and water. The Pumpkin Cranberry Crackers come out of the oven in just 30 minutes, crisp and ready for dipping in hummus or plain Greek yogurt mixed with herbs.

15. Gluten Free Cranberry Scones >

Gluten Free Cranberry Scones

Scones are rich little pastries that usually are so loaded down with extra fat and calories that they’ll crush your diet. We’ve reimagined them so they are lighter, yet still buttery and flaky. Cranberries add a spark of tart flavor and brighten these scones up with their brilliant red color. The Gluten Free Cranberry Scones recipe makes enough for your own coffee or tea breaks and to treat your co-workers or friends at your next get-together.

16. Turkey Roulade >

Turkey Roulade

Elevate the standard turkey and stuffing dinner with this exquisite yet easy meal. Turkey breast is filled with a savory stuffing made from butternut squash, spinach, fresh sage, thyme and cranberries. The turkey is rolled up around the filling, tied with twine, and baked for about a half hour. When it’s done, just slice the Turkey Roulade and serve. That’s right, you don’t spend hours in the kitchen roasting and basting, and you still have a feast everyone will love.

17. Sweet Potato Cranberry Cookies >

Sweet Potato Cranberry Cookies

These Sweet Potato Cranberry Cookies are both delightful and diet friendly. The dough is made with sweet potato, so the cookies come out sweet, soft and high in fiber. It also includes eggs and whole-wheat flour, giving them that perfect cookie texture. Cinnamon and cranberries add the seasonal flavor. If you share these in the annual cookie exchange, be prepared for a lot of recipe requests.

18. Turkey Cranberry Salad >

Turkey Cranberry Salad

Get the tastes of the season in this Turkey Cranberry Salad that’s so easy to make! Just mix up shredded turkey breast, nonfat plain Greek yogurt, cranberries and pepper. You can enjoy it by itself, on a whole grain roll, or on top of a bowl of lettuce and other fresh vegetables. With the turkey and yogurt, you get a burst of protein that will fuel you up and keep you going for hours.

19. Cranberry Walnut Pinwheel Wraps >

Cranberry Walnut Pinwheel Wraps

Whether you’re going to a game-day tailgate, holiday party or any other get-together, these Cranberry Walnut Pinwheel Wraps are sure to be a winner. All you do is stir together tangy goat cheese and non-fat cream cheese with a little orange juice for sweetness. Toss in dried cranberries and crunchy walnut pieces, then spread the mix on a tortilla wrap. Roll it up and chill in the fridge for about a half-hour. Slice it into pinwheels and get the party started.

20. Thanksgiving Leftover Panini >

Thanksgiving Leftover Panini

Here’s an exciting way to turn the remains of your holiday dinner into another satisfying meal. Layer slices of turkey breast, cranberry sauce, Swiss cheese and leafy greens on top of a whole wheat sandwich thin (any high-fiber bread will work). Top this Thanksgiving Leftover Panini with another slice of bread and heat it up in a panini press or skillet until the cheese is melted and the bread is crisp. Now you’re ready to celebrate the tastes of the season all over again.