15 Cheesy Recipes for a Healthy Pizza Night

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healthy pizza recipes

Pizza holds the top spot on your list of favorite foods: The zesty sauce, tender crust and all. that. cheese. When you’re trying to lose weight, you know picking up a pie from your favorite shop can derail your goals. But it’s tough to give up that little slice of heaven. Guess what? You don’t have to with these healthy pizza recipes!

With these 15 healthy pizza recipes, you still get the tastes and flavors you love, but with diet-approved ingredients to help reduce the fat and calories.

1. Eggplant Margherita Pizza

healthy pizza recipes pizza eggplant with tomatoes and Basil

For the pizza purist: Marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese and handfuls of fresh basil top eggplant round “crusts” for a more nutritious version of a plain pie. Pop them in the oven for about 25 minutes and voila—yummy, melt-in-your-mouth mini pizzas. Can’t stop at one? Not a problem. You can indulge in four pies for only 120 guilt-free calories. On Nutrisystem, one serving counts as one PowerFuel and one Vegetable. Now that’s one healthy pizza recipe! Click here for the full recipe! >

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2. Whole Wheat Pizza

whole wheat pizza with basil

You might think that making your own pizza is a complicated task. After all, there’s so many components that have to go right—the crispy yet soft crust, the flavorful sauce, the melty cheese and various toppings. Where do you even start? We keep it simple in this easy-to-prepare pizza recipe that fits into your weight loss goals. Click here for the full recipe! >

3. Sausage and Pepper Eggplant Pizza

healthy pizza recipes Eggplant-Sausage-and-Pepper-Pizza

Meat lovers can have their pie, and eat it too. Circles of eggplant serve as the base for browned chicken sausage, provolone cheese, sauce and slices of green bell pepper. Two hearty pizzas weigh in at 224 calories, and count as two PowerFuels and ½ Vegetable on Nutrisystem. Click here for the full recipe! >

4. Air Fryer Mexican Pizza

healthy pizza recipes Air-Fryer-Mexican-Pizza

All the south-of-the-borders flavors you want, with mucho less fat and calories—thanks to the air fryer. To make this healthy pizza recipe, first brown some ground turkey with cumin, chili and garlic powder and toss with cilantro and green onions. Spoon the zesty turkey crumbles on top of a tortilla, along with a handful of spinach and shredded Mexican cheese, and bake in the air fryer. Serve with salsa and sliced avocado for a delicious Flex Meal fiesta. Each serving counts as one SmartCarb, two PowerFuels and one Extra. Click here for the full recipe! >

5. Deep Dish Pizza Cups

pizza cups

Smooth sauce, melted mozzarella and your pick of pizza topping—all nestled into one delicious whole wheat cup. Whether you opt for zesty sliced peppers or mini pepperoni, savory mushrooms or sautéed spinach, you can personalize each bite with your favorite flavors. One serving contains 148 calories, with nearly seven grams of satisfying protein and three grams of filling fiber. The best part: It’s ready in 10. Click here for the full recipe! >

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6. Pizza Stuffed Chicken


Sure, you can put chunks of chicken onto your pizza and call it a day. Or you could flip that dish inside out for an inspired twist on a traditional pie. Stuff a boneless breast with the pizza standards: Tomato sauce, turkey pepperoni, shredded cheese and lots of minced garlic. Then top with more of the same deliciousness and bake for a meal will no doubt impress even your pickiest dining guests. On Nutrisystem, it counts as one PowerFuel and one Extra. Click here for the full recipe! >

7. Roasted Red Pepper Eggplant Pizza


Give your pizza a Mediterranean makeover—complete with hummus, thinly-sliced roasted red pepper, sautéed spinach and garlic and even crumbled feta. Each eggplant pie contains enough healthy fat to satisfy your hunger, but is light enough at 260 calories for four pizzas to leave a little room for dessert. One serving counts as one PowerFuel, one SmartCarb, and one Extra on Nutrisystem. Click here for the full recipe! >

8. Ricotta Pesto Eggplant Pizza


This pizza might take the win for best presentation: Rounds of eggplant, layered with bright green pesto, creamy ricotta and thin slices of delicate figs. Finish off with a drizzle of balsamic for a pie that will please your eyes as much as your palate. Two pizzas contain 153 calories. Click here for the full recipe! >

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9. Low Carb Cauliflower Crust Pizza


You’ve mashed it like potatoes and riced it like, well, rice. Not try your hand at morphing cauliflower into light, low carb crust. Trust that it’s worth the effort: This cruciferous veggie is low in calories and packed with nutrients and filling fiber. And its mild flavor makes it the perfect base for other healthy pizza recipes and your favorite pizza toppers—like red peppers, mushrooms and spinach. On Nutrisystem, one serving counts as one PowerFuel and three Vegetables. Click here for the full recipe! >

10. Thai Eggplant Pizza


Peanut butter. That’s right—creamy, spicy peanut butter is the “sauce” on this unique healthy pizza recipe. The heat comes from the chili paste; the soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and sesame oil add the Asian flavors. On top: Chicken, red peppers, green onions—and of course mozzarella, plus a sprinkle cilantro for a burst of freshness. Who ever said healthy food was boring? One serving contains 146 calories and counts as one PowerFuel and one Extra. Click here for the full recipe! >

11. Roasted Garlic Eggplant Pizza

rosted-garlic-eggplant-pizza healthy pizza recipes

Roasted garlic. Need we say any? If so, this clove of deliciousness combines with creamy ricotta cheese and mozzarella, spinach and oregano seasoning atop an eggplant round for a perfect mix of flavors. Enjoy two for only 104 calories. Click here for the full recipe! >

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12. Air Fryer Pizza Rolls


Forget those pizza bites you had as a kid from the frozen food aisle: These homemade versions are so much healthier, and so easy to make. All you need is four ingredients: Sauce, cheese, turkey pepperoni slices and ready-made wonton wrappers. Pop them in the air fryer for a few minutes, and out come crispy, golden brown pizza bites that are lower in calories and packed with flavor. Two pizza rolls weigh in at 67 calories and count as two Extras. Click here for the full recipe! >

13. Easy Pepperoni Pizza Pinwheels

Easy Pepperoni Pizza Pinwheels

When we say that these pizza pinwheels are easy to make, we mean it! They have just five simple ingredients and a whole lot of flavor.  If you want to switch things up a bit, you can add more spices like garlic powder. You can also add in your other favorite pizza toppings, such as olives, grated parmesan cheese or jarred jalapenos. Click here for the full recipe! >

14. Turkey Ham and Cheese Omelet Breakfast Pizza

breakfast pizza

Wake up to your favorite food! Nutrisystem’s Turkey Ham and Cheese Omelet is the star of the show in this easy morning meal that’s packed with protein. This breakfast recipe for one comes in at 279 calories. On a Nutrisystem weight loss plan? It counts one SmartCarb and two PowerFuels, making it the perfect breakfast. Click here for the full recipe! >

15. 2-Step Watermelon Fruit Pizza

Watermelon Fruit Pizza

This list of pizza recipes has covered eggplant pizza, cauliflower crust pizza and even breakfast pizza. The only thing that’s missing is dessert pizza! This easy two-step watermelon pizza recipe is perfect for a sweet snack or refreshing dessert. A layer of yogurt, cream cheese, honey and vanilla extract sits atop the watermelon, while fresh berries and cacao nibs act as the pizza toppings. Click here for the full recipe! >