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How do I to start a NuMi Challenge and access/redeem rewards?

Starting a NuMi Challenge

You will be automatically entered into a challenge the first Monday after you create your NuMi account. You’re welcome to participate in any of the challenges regardless of the current week of your plan, as challenges are rolling and there will always be an active challenge for you to participate in and earn rewards.

You can view current challenges by going to your NuMi News Feed (More > News Feed > Challenges). You will see a card announcing the challenge in the News Feed. This card will provide directions on the challenge and also serve as a scorecard of your progress.

Keep in mind that your scorecards are typically updated daily but due to server updates, it may take up to 48 hours for logged items to reflect in your scorecard. If it has not updated in 48 hours, please contact us so that we may review this issue further for you.

Redeeming Challenge Rewards

Rewards and badges earned for completing the challenges will typically show up in your News Feed the day after the challenge ends. However, please note that your challenge reward codes may take up to 48 hour to appear in your scorecard.  If your code is not visible after 48 hours from the end date of your challenge, please contact us directly and we will be happy to look further into this for you.

Promo code rewards: If you receive a unique promo code as a reward, this code will need to be applied at checkout when shopping. Copy/paste functionality is available in the News Feed or you can take a screenshot of the promo code.

If on a mobile device or tablet, you can “long press” on your code to copy it. If on a desktop computer, feel free to select your code and copy/paste to ensure it is entered properly. If you are manually typing the code, please note that redemption codes are case sensitive. Make sure to enter all characters, including symbols.

Discount rewards: If you receive a percentage off discount as a reward, you will need to click/tap on it in your News Feed to redeem the sale.

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